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Document Prohibited Items

For the safety of all Stade de France guests, we kindly ask all guests to follow the prohibited list.

Please note that some event owners will make additions to this list depending on the event being held at the stadium. Please plan accordingly and if you have any questions, please contact us directly.

- Fireworks or missile-like objects,
- Weapons, firearms, knifes or any sharp objects,
- Aerosol cans,
- Alcoholic beverages,
- Animals (disability service animals allowed),
- Balloons,  
- Beach Balls and other inflatables,
- camera lens greater than 3'',
- Cans or bottles or boxed liquids,
- Coolers of any kind,
- Illegal substances,
- Laptops,
- Laser lights,
- Mace or pepper spray,
- Selfie Sticks, Poles, Bats, Clubs,
- Strollers,
- Thermoses,
- T-shirts or clothing items with vulgar language or phrasing,
- Large flags

Free storage facilities are located on the right of each gate. Prohibited items' holders will be obliged to desposit the items mentioned above. In case of a refusal, Stade de France access would be refused, without possible refund. 

A sample of some allowed items :
- Sandwiches,
- Unit Fruits,
- Plastic bottles less than 50 cl without the stopper,
- Small umbrellas except if the weather does not justify it,
- Baby and children Backpack,
- Small bags (Handbag, daily backpack),
- Fruit juices bricks less than 25 cl,
- Light Flagpoles


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